Somali Educational Research and Development Center (SERDEC) is a non-governmental center established in 2010.SERDEC aims to contribute education development in Somalia.
SERDEC works through two main programs: education research and development.
SERDEC has more than 8 years of experience
in the areas of research, curriculum development and training not only in the primary and secondary level but also for the tertiary education.


Achieving excellence and leadership in the fields of educational research and development in Somalia
and applying the best procedures and international
standards in accordance with the advanced educational research centers.

Mission and Objectives

SERDEC has a clear mission and objectives that contribute the development through the education. This is to be achieved through the following activities:.
  • Conducting educational research and data analysis
  • Preparing syllabus
  • Professional    training programs
  • Conducting  education seminars, workshops and Symposiums
  • Education assessment
  • Editing, writing  education textbooks and training modules
  • Developing education acts