Community education program

Community Education is the provision of a wide range of educational and special interest courses and activities by SERDEC as community learning & development to promote learning and social development work with individuals and groups in the Somali community .


Following are the main aims of SERDEC community education program:.
  • To contribute the eradication of illiteracy
  • To provide them the opportunity to extend their knowledge and skills and to develop their capability in order to uphold personal development, economic growth, and employment.
  • To make the people mindful from various problems in a community.
  • To give them new directions to the changing lifestyle.
  • To help them the eradication of social evils which the gross roots are of bringing social disorder in a community.
  • To foster justice to all types of people (Education for All).

Content Areas and Activity

SERDEC content area and activities for community education concentrated on basic education program to enable young people and adults to attain literacy skills and reach a sustainable proficiency level. They also obtain vocational and life skills by using discussions, learner participation, motivation, reflection, continuous analysis of issues and providing them the basis for learning: reading, writing and numeracy skills which help them to improve their livelihoods.